Made in Tillamook County, USA!

Do you love to buy products that are made in the USA?  How about made in Tillamook County, USA?  Here at Sunflower Flats we appreciate the talented individuals in our county and we are supporting them by offering their products a platform in our shop.  We will dedicate several blog posts to featuring their work so that you can get a glimpse of the 12+ local artists that we work with.

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Cami Schild and Samantha Wagner started out knitting headbands for a hobby and adding some sort of extra flourish to them – usually buttons or flowers.  Like most hobbies, it got out of control, so they formed Proverb Sisters and have been working together to create products as well as market them locally.  Perfect ear protection for our cold, spring winds and many color combinations to choose from, their headbands keeping us warm and stylish at the same time!


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Jan Woodbury – besides being a lovely, sweet lady (like SAINTLY kind) – teaches kindergarten in South Tillamook County.  Not only does she teach, but she has a passion for constructing felted purses in rich, earth tones with classy details – all truly one of a kind made with up-cycled material.  Jan also knits hats, mittens and scarves.  All made right here in Tillamook County, USA!


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Like flowers, words inspire.  Sometimes they go right to your heart and soul and connect.  Maybe it’s even a card with a saying on it that it just too true and you keep it in your card shuffle to ponder yourself.  I have one of those in my endless shuffle from many years back, and it’s always good to read it and yet again, think about it and realize, hmmmm still no one to send it to!  Dana Anderson Cunningham of ArtLight Media in South Tillamook County creates these cards on quality paper using found inspirational quotes against a backdrop of her block print designs.  They’re perfect for sending, but can also be placed in a spot at work or home where inspiration is needed throughout your day (as in EVERYWHERE!)


Come in anytime to engage your senses and see what’s new from our local artists!