Star of the Show

Star is definitely the star of the show right now. Fluffy, white blooms puffing out all along her outstretched branches signal warmer temperatures; Spring has arrived; more sun will be coming….Promise! At least that’s how I take her message! She is light and beauty and fragrance and she’s bloomed in our yard for probably over twenty five years or more. She is Star Magnolia.


My Star Magnolia in bloom April 3, 2017

Star’s blooms are the inspiration for our photo shoot this coming weekend. A new photographer to the area, Laurie Jean Photography, approached us with the idea of doing something different in the way of a wedding shoot combining elements from the beach, vintage dress (which she found and purchased at Phoenix Exchange, here in downtown Tillamook; it’s gorgeous and was in excellent condition) and vintage men’s wear. Laurie wanted a unique look for the bouquet as well. Her vision was something more horizontal (as opposed to roundy-roundy)—which is definitely a new trend. I don’t know if it will catch on here this year as sometimes it takes awhile —-but we will also be using grey and white tones, more muted shades with draping greenery and different textures in ribbon and maybe a surprise or two just because I can’t resist with what I like! The draping greenery seems to be catching on. I don’t know if it’s because the Pantone Color of the Year is green, but brides are trending more towards greenery this year it seems.

Intrigued with a new challenge as far as the bridal bouquet and getting to create something that appealed to me, had me hooked on wanting to collaborate with Laurie. Plus, it would be good practice to actually put one together to experience the challenge and have the practice before I actually needed to do one for a real bride. Patti (one of our designers), had designed a horizontal bouquet with an armature (a structure that gives the flowers and greens support) for her niece’s wedding years ago, and I remember that being a challenge. But, I loved how Patti’s turned out because I loved the colors, and that it was so different than anything we had done.

horizontal bouquet

Patti’s horizontal bouquet designed 10+ years ago for her niece, Jen.

I knew Laurie’s bouquet vision could be accomplished, so I started thinking about what I might use as the armature for this focal piece for the wedding shoot. Star was the answer!!!!

I decided I wanted to have some of the blooms still in buds and probably some of them just starting to crack out of their soft, velvety gray cocoons, while others will be fully popped from their cocoons. Since it’s warming up and the rain continues, I also knew I needed to slow down the process of all of the blooms being full-blown so I cut a bucket full of branches, and placed them in a bucket of water in the cooler at the store to hold them until I start putting the bouquet together. Star’s branches are somewhat flat with many laterals down a branch. I’m thinking this will work well as the base of the bouquet structure, and will give good support to the greens and flowers that I will add to form the bouquet. They seem to have just the right amount of curvature to add interest and texture against the softness of the blooms I will add.

I’ll keep you posted here on how it all comes together!

Gratitude goes a long way – Oregon Coast Florist – Oregon Coast Gift Shop

Beach gifts


Sometimes you never really know how simple two words like “thank you” can mean so much.  Today was a day when kind, positive words were especially appreciated.

Rich Jenks made a special trip into the store to tell me that the flowers he ordered earlier in the month lasted for a week longer than expected.  And that was a good thing because they were for a memorial service that was postponed for a whole week because of the snow.  He wanted to let me know that the flowers looked as good seven days later as the day he picked them up.  (I reminded him that sitting in a cool church all week helped make that happen!)  But still a very thoughtful gesture for him to take time out of his day to let me know.

Another lady came in to browse and once in the door said, “Oh, it smells WONDERFUL in here!”  We do hear that often and appreciate hearing that because of course a flower shop should have a wonderful fragrance!  And there was another lady who said, “Thank you for being here.  The energy feels really good in here.”  And at that point that was good to hear, because most of mine (energy) was depleted!  And still another…”Everything’s so colorful, thank you, I’ll be back.”

So, thank you for the thank you’s!


What’s on your table? – Oregon Coast Florist – Flowers for the Home

Everyone needs flowers.  Of course, since I am a flower person, I’ve always believed it, but there are actually studies that prove it to be true!  The studies have actually proven that the presence of flowers improves attitudes and increases productivity, which is a very good thing!  In Style magazine cites a Harvard Medical School study telling readers about the emotional health benefits of flowers: “Surround yourself with flowers. There’s a very compelling reason to have beautiful blooms around at all times….research proves that flowers in the home or workplace creates more enthusiasm around your daily activities.”

Calla lilies don't require any greens or much fuss to arrange.  Simply cut from the bush and place in vase!

Calla lilies don’t require any greens or much fuss to arrange. Simply cut from the bush and place in vase!


Sunflowers are perfect for a Independence Day gathering.  The yellow makes the flags pop!

Sunflowers are perfect for a Independence Day gathering. The yellow makes the flags pop!

I like to keep flowers on the kitchen table, like my grandma always did and my mother still does.  Flowers provide a conversation piece, something to contemplate, something to be enjoyed and even to be amazed at!  For example,  right now even in the wind, rain, hail and snow – in spite of it all – the pretty pink, crepe papery camelias still are brave enough to show their happy faces polka-dotting the shrub as if to say, “you aren’t raining on my parade!”


Dahlias are one of the best things about summer.  Clip them from the stem and enjoy long lasting, bold color.

Dahlias are one of the best things about summer. Clip them from the stem and enjoy long lasting, bold color.


So, what’s on your table?