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Designer’s Choice

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Don’t have the perfect arrangement in mind? Let us help!

With Sunflower Flats ordering is simple! A little bit of information from you is all we need to create an exquisite design for your friend or loved one.

Style: What do you think would be the perfect style for your recipient?

  • Pave: Flowers and greenery are designed closely together to form a short, compact and textured design.
  • Traditional: Designed to be taller, with a loose and more airy design.
  • Organic/Woodsy: Design that incorporates grasses, texture and natural elements along with flowers.
  • Romantic: Soft, lush, elegant and classy design.
  • Modern: Clean lines in both the flowers and greenery, designed for high visual impact.
  • Tropical: Vibrant color, Hawaiian inspired.   **dependent on availability
  • Botanicals: Potted orchids and houseplants, Living Dish Gardens, Terrariums etc. We offer both unique and familiar plants that bring long-term enjoyment to any space.  **dependent on availability


  • Compact: Great for enjoying on a side table. Prices Starting: $45.00+
  • Medium: Perfect for a kitchen table or desk. Prices Starting: $65.00+
  • Tall and/or Large: Fill linear and large spaces nicely. Prices Starting: $85.00+

Compact, Medium, Large


Pave, Traditional, Organic/Woodsy, Romantic, Modern, Tropical, Botanicals