The Trilliums are blooming!

This particular plant was given to me several years ago by a friend.  I planted it on the north side of the house beside a stump, because I knew they preferred shade (even though I realize there isn’t much bright, hot sun in the spring on the Oregon Coast!)  So far this year, my plant has eight to ten blooms, but eventually it will probably have around twenty blooms – at least last year it did.  I love watching it bloom and bloom and bloom.  We are also fortunate to be able to find wild trillium in our Tillamook County forest lands.  My Trillium reminds me that the wild Lamb’s Tongue might be blooming soon, too.



All of this spring blossoming reminds me of a story that my dad told me.  Every spring when Trillium and Lamb’s Tongue bloomed, my Grandpa Jacob would venture up on the hill behind their farmhouse, where the under-brush was cleared and amongst the rotting limbs, logs and sword fern, there was a good sized patch of Lamb’s Tongue and Trillium.  My grandfather would pick a small bouquet and bring it home for my Grandma Wilma to enjoy on her kitchen table.

I’ve always like this story, because it seemed so out of character for my Grandpa Jacob.  One wouldn’t have guessed that he was a romantic at heart.  He was a very hard working & successful farmer with a pretty gruff and hard exterior.  He was direct (no small talk).  But as his granddaughter, I did know another side to his seemingly rough exterior.  He did take the time out of his “sun up to down down” day to “stop and smell the roses.”  He loved nature and appreciated the woods, including it’s wildlife and wild flowers.

What is extra special about this story, is that the blooming season is short and you could easily miss out because it’s still cold and not much else is blooming.  He always took the initiative this time of year to go find the blooms, knowing that my grandma would love them particularly in this dreary, wet season.  He was thinking of what she would love – some wild flowers:  Trillium and Lamb’s Tongue for his one true love!